These are two of my favorite reference books for building:

A must for building.
The Owner-Builder Book

Before you buy, get at least three quotes:  Follow the links below to get your first ones:

Disability Insurance
New Gutters
Sunrooms & Patios



House Building Topics -- Follow the links below for a free quote by professional contractors in your area.  It’s best to get at least three estimates and compare to the cost of doing it yourself.   You may be surprised!

General Contracting: You can save a lot of money by being your own contractor but it is a lot of work. Please see the “Owner Builder Book (pictured at right) for more information.  If you hire a contractor, try to get three bids and be sure to check with previous customers, better business bureau and the local bank . . . . A good contractor makes a world of difference.

Tools: For my favorite brands and the basic tools for “modern” construction, please see:  Available from

Windows:  One of the most expensive sources of heat loss (and heat gain) in the house.   Also the best source of light.   See the passive solar book to turn window energy drain into free heat storage. Spend some time on window selection and get the best you can afford. For a Free Insider's Guide to Replacement Windows and a free Quote Click Here.

Codes and Permits: Please check with your city or county planning department before building.  They may require a permit for something as simple as deck.  Even if not required, it’s a good practice to follow codes to insure your house survives the elements, pests and is safe.   Here’s a code book that has pretty good reviews: Code Check: A Field Guide to Building a Safe House (Code Check, 3rd Ed)

Electrical: Wiring is usually contracted because of safety and code requirements but really isn’t too difficult.  However, a mistake can have dire consequences.  I’d recommend you get a good book and a helper with experience if you’re going to do your own: Wiring a House

Plumbing:  Next to Electrical, this can be one of the most dangerous (gas piping) and damaging systems in a house.  Venting rules can be tricky and, if not done properly, let sewer gases into the house.  Pay attention to freeze protection, shut off locations,  outdoor spigots. Here’s a book: Plumbing a House.

Foundations: Lots of different and styles.  See the Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling for up-to-date layouts and codes for your area of the country.  Special attention to termite protection, freeze and seismic considerations can be found here.

Gutters: Protect your siding and crawl space with good gutters.  It’s amazing how quick and inexpensive they can be:  For a free gutter quote click here .

Insurance: Don’t loose your families home due to sickness or injury.

Annuity:  To Get a Free Quote and Guide To Annuities Click Here. Invest for retirement so you can spend more time at home.

Sunrooms & Patios: My favorite rooms in the house:  To Get a Free Quote and Insider's Guide to Sunrooms and Patios - Click Here

Siding: Low maintenance is the key to siding . . .

Roofing: Are you in need of a new Roof? Click Here Visit today for everything you need to know about roofing.