Framing Pictures from the week of May 15, 2000:

Framing Front View

The carpenters, D&D construction of Corinth, MS, had tons of fun with the hips, valleys and the varying roof heights.  The living room, dining room and hall are at 11’ tall, the left bedroom is 10’ tall, the rest are 8’ with all kinds of vaulting!  All the offsets, hips and gables made it a challenging project.

Framing NW View

The photo above show’s the main entry.  There will be to stairways up to the triangular covered porch

Framing SunroomFraming Ridge SkyLight

Above on the left is the poured slab for the sunroom.  The photo to the right shows the vaulted master bedroom wing; there will be a ridge skylight installed between the double ridge beams.

Framing Rear View

The rear view with the garage on the left and the master bedroom on the right encircle a 36’x36’ courtyard.